Nader Proposes Net Surfers’ ‘Bill of Rights’

Consumer advocate Ralph Nader began a campaign of a new sort Tuesday, calling for an Internet users’ Bill of Rights to protect consumers from fraud and invasion of privacy.

Nader called for state and federal legislators to adopt the bill for the sake of consumers. “It’s like the Wild West on the Internet,” he said in a telephone interview. “The law has not caught up with Internet fraud or the huge exposure (from) invasion of privacy the consumers are vulnerable to.”

Nader presented two proposals — one for Internet privacy and one for Internet fraud. The privacy bill calls for Internet users and consumers to be notified about dissemination of personal information, the right to not allow personal information to be passed to other companies, the right to access one’s own Internet file, the right to security and the right to legal action.

The e-commerce bill calls for strict regulation of buying and selling on the Internet, including requiring that paper records be made available to consumers at a reasonable cost and in a timely manner. It also calls for notification of a purchase be made by regular mail if a consumer has not responded to an e-mail.