Multicultural Ad Spend Fared Better in ’09

Ad spending on Spanish-language media and African-American media fared better than overall ad market 2009. Compared to a 9 percent drop in overall ad spending, spending declined 4.7 percent on Spanish-language media and 7.3 percent on African-American media, according to a Nielsen report released Friday (March 12).

Spanish-language ad spending was down by nearly $270 million last year for a total of $5.4 billion spent on Spanish-language media. Declines in magazines, newspapers, TV and radio were offset by a 32.2 percent increase in spending on cable TV, up 32.2 percent to nearly $427 million. While Spanish-language spot TV spending was down 10 percent, the segment still attracted the most advertising dollars at more than $1.5 billion.

Among African-American media lost more than $153 million in ad spending across all media segments with the exception of cable TV, which increased more than 35 percent to $728 million. The biggest spending decreases were in network TV, down 72 percent to $26.6 million and national magazines, down more than 33 percent to $353.8 million. In total, spending on African-American media totaled more than $1.9 billion.

The top-spending category for both Spanish-language media and African-American media was quick-service restaurants, which increased ad spend by 13.9 percent against Spanish-language media and 19.2 percent among African-American media. The fastest-growing category in Spanish-language media was satellite communications service, up 77.3 percent. Insurance was the fastest-growing category among African-American media, up 28.6 percent. Auto was the second biggest category for both Spanish-language and African-American media, down 38.8 percent and 18.2 percent, respectively.