Mullen/LHC Turns the Page on ‘Maxximum Stories’

The second chapter of “Maxximum stories,” Mullen/LHC’s vignette-driven television campaign for retailer T.J. Maxx, unfolds this month.

Three 30-second TV commercials, breaking in spot markets across the country, utilize “real stories” about shopping skills and scores to drive business to the discount retailer. The work will move onto network outlets later this year.

“The campaign is based on interviews with T.J. Maxx shoppers,” said Carrie McCament, group account director at the Winston-Salem, N.C., shop. “It gets to the heart of how people shop.”

In “Taylor,” a sophisticated 30-something blonde in an upscale apartment shares her shopping secrets (“Come on, it’s T.J. Maxx. There are things you need to know!”), then reels off a list of do’s and don’t’s:

“Never take a friend who wears your size … You’ve got to take the big car …When you get there, get a cart because you’re going to need it!”

The tagline in each vignette continues from the campaign’s first flight, which was released last March: “T.J. Maxx. You should go.”

The second spot, “Brooke and Dave,” introduces a bubbly couple waxing eloquent about their smart shopping finds: He: “I got a shirt!” She: It’s beautiful … linen … goes with his eyes.”

The work is careful to touch on the Framingham, Mass.-based retailer’s two biggest selling points: brand-name designer fashions and household goods, and prices 20-60 percent below those at traditional department stores.

“Sophie,” the third spot in the campaign, will deliver a clarion call to Father’s Day shoppers.

“Maxximum stories” represents Mullen/LHC’s first advertising for the client. Long Haymes Carr won the business last winter. Earlier this year, LHC was folded into Mullen by IPG.

The work represents a departure from the retailer’s last campaign, created by then-incumbent Holland Mark of Boston. Those ads were tagged, “Fashion. Some people get it. Some people get it for less.”

T.J. Maxx, a division of The TJX Companies, operates nearly 650 stores in 47 states.