Mullen Launches MediaHub Unit

In the latest wave of unbundling, big media shops have spun off or imported new agencies to handle accounts that conflict with their larger siblings and also to chase new business. Interpublic Group’s G Media is one example.

Another twist on unbundling—a midsized full-service shop known more for creative work has formed a new unit to spotlight its media offerings. The shop is IPG’s Mullen, which is launching a new division called MediaHub.

The purpose of the new unit is twofold, said Stephen Calder, evp and executive media director at Mullen, who will oversee the new unit. First, Mullen will use Media-Hub to pursue media-only accounts in an orchestrated way for the first time. But a by-product of the effort could be that Mullen gets a foot in the door to pitch creative ideas to its media-only clients.

As a prelude to launching Media-Hub, Mullen has pitched and won a couple of media-only accounts over the past year, including and Reynolds America. Those accounts will migrate over to MediaHub to be serviced.

Calder says MediaHub will strike a balance between big media shops that have little sense for the creative side and big creative shops “where media plays second fiddle.”

“We’re media people with a point of view about and respect for the creative product,” he said.

Consultants say the new wave of smaller media shops are good for clients—and not just smaller clients that tend to get lost at bigger shops.

“I can see larger advertisers doing it too,” said Linda Fidelman, CEO of New York-based Advice & Advisors. “The big guy doesn’t need the leverage of a big media agency. [At a smaller shop,] they’re treated like kings and queens.”