Mullen Advances Sealy’s Bedtime Stories

ATLANTA Sealy this week released the latest round of “It’s a Sealy” television ads. The effort, from Mullen, moves from branding the mattress manufacturer to two 30-second retail spots.

In earlier executions, the Winston-Salem, N.C., shop positioned Sealy as the mattress for a great night’s sleep by showing what would happen if the client made other products: people using various items would fall instantly asleep.

The idea is extended in “Barber Shop,” where a customer falls instantly asleep in the barber’s chair after hearing “It’s a Sealy.” He dozes off so quickly the barber, electric clippers in hand, shaves the middle of his head.

“Heaven” opens with a close-up of a sleeping man. When he wakes, a suited figure hovering above him and the comfort he’s feeling leads him to think he’s no longer on earth. He is, however, in a mattress store.

The media buy includes early-morning network programs and cable channels, as well as the U.S. Open and Wimbledon tennis championship telecasts.

Each 20-second ad is designed to provide a smooth transition into a retailer’s 10-second promotional tag, according to the agency. Participating retailers will determine the media schedule for airing tagged spots in their local markets.

The ads were produced in response to dealer requests, according to David Evans, Sealy’s vice president of marketing. “Retailers who ran tagged spots [last year] experienced higher traffic and sales immediately,” Evans said.

Interpublic Group’s Mullen will produce three additional commercials for the Trinity, N.C., client this year.

Sealy spends $10 million on advertising annually, per TNS Media Intelligence/CMR.