MTV Registers For ‘Clone High’

MTV is close to a deal to order 13 episodes of the animated series “Clone High, USA” from Touchstone Television.

The comedy is set in a high school for the clones of famous dead people, ranging from Abraham Lincoln and Cleopatra to Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley.

The show is executive produced by “Spin City” co-creator Bill Lawrence and up-and-coming comedy writers Chris Miller and Phil Lord. MTV is expected to handle the production of the series once it has completed a deal for the rights to “Clone High” from Touchstone, which originally developed the property last year as a five-minute presentation for Fox Broadcasting Co.

Miller and Lord dreamed up the premise for “Clone High” and wrote the pilot script with Lawrence. “Clone High” tells the story of a secret government plot to breed clones of historical figures, but those clones have to grow up in real time — and even deal with the trials and tribulations of high school.