MTV Has Online Plans for Music Awards

NEW YORK MTV said it would offer on-demand Internet video coverage of the MTV Video Music Awards taking place this weekend.

MTV said its broadband Web site, MTV Overdrive, would carry post-show coverage and a “My VMAs” section for viewers to create their own version of the program. The “After Show” will be available online following the program’s broadcast on Aug. 29, and MTV will put the entire Video Music Awards online for a month following the broadcast.

MTV was roundly criticized for its TV coverage in July of the Live 8 charity concerts, which were shown online by AOL to positive reviews.

My VMAs will include footage not shown in the TV broadcast, including fashion reports and artist interviews from the Miami event. The After Show will be available only online, with backstage interviews, a fashion recap and highlights from the awards.

“For us it’s about expanding the experience of a show we know the audience loves and letting them control the experience they want to have,” said Christina Norman, president of MTV.

MTV Overdrive was launched in April to let viewers watch two- to four-minute videos and show clips on their own schedules. Advertisers on the broadband service include Microsoft, Procter & Gamble and Sony Pictures.