A promotional giveaway will get consumers’ attention. However, it may or may not do much to build the advertiser’s brand. This one ($250,000 toward the purchase of a house) does, because clever ads present it in a way that gives a distinct personality. The client is a Web site that helps with all aspects of moving, from buying a house to getting utilities hooked up. In short, it’s a service people can use to make things a bit easier on themselves—if they’ve got a mind to do so. Many people need prodding to get them to ditch the familiar-but-harder and embrace the unfamiliar-but-easier. This ad amiably jostles them out of their old way of regarding the purchase of a house. “Just because you have a strong work ethic, doesn’t mean you have to use it,” the copy helpfully notes. You may not win the $250,000, but you’ll take the point that’s wry assistance may make the process of moving less grim for you.Agency

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