Mountain Dew Swims With Shark

NEW YORK PepsiCo will break a new campaign from BBDO here for Diet Mountain Dew this weekend with “How Dew does Diet” as a theme line.

A TV commercial, airing during Nascar programming, answers the question, “Is Diet Mountain Dew as much as a thrill as regular Mountain Dew?” with a tale of a scientist and “a brave volunteer” who takes an exhilarating swim with a shark.

The spot, directed by Traktor, follows a camera crew and research group as the diver patiently waits at the ocean’s surface for a shark to swim near him. When one swims by, he grabs its dorsal fin and enjoys the ride, as the shark whips him in and out of the water. “The results were clear,” says the voiceover, “Diet Mountain Dew is all the Dew with none of the calories.”

Print ads, the first for the diet brand, are appearing in March issues of Sports Illustrated and FHM. The four executions feature framed pictures of pets and people, shot by Sasha Waldman, who don’t exactly match their monikers: a hairless cat called “Fluffy,” a nerd named “Slick,” an injured dog named “Lucky.” Each ad includes a shot of the product and a warning line, “Don’t be fooled by a name.”

Associate creative directors Gianfranco Arena (art) and Peter Kain (copy) developed the campaign.