Motorola XOOM, “Capsule”

Using the XOOM tablet is a lot like being in the cockpit of a well-apportioned intergalactic spacecraft from the future. That’s the preposterous though visually impressive message delivered in this mcgarrybowen spot for the Motorola product (co-branded with Verizon and Google). It begins with a guy taking a casual stroll on a boardwalk, when he suddenly comes upon a mysterious floating XOOM, picks it up and is immediately swallowed whole by a shining silver hovering rocket pod—like something Lady Gaga would travel in to an award show. But don’t worry—he’s fine! Once inside, our hero takes the XOOM for a spin, enjoying its breathtaking 3-D interface and widescreen HD display. We’re told it’s the first tablet powered by the Android 3.0 operating system. We’re not told whether it has warp speed or can teleport humans. “Grab it and it grabs you,” says the tagline at the end. The futuristic theme is of a piece with the agency’s previous work for the Droid, and it surely knocks the socks off those who fetishize gadgetry and/or have the entire original Star Trek on DVD. Obviously, the XOOM experience isn’t quite this immersive or interactive. But who wants a realistic rundown of a computer’s specs? That’s what the Web site is for. Best to pretend you’re in a science-fiction movie and assume people know you’re over-promising by design. Xoom xoom! —Tim Nudd