Motel 6 Keeps Light On

The Richards Group here today launches a new round of television and radio ads promoting an ongoing renovation of rooms by Dallas-based Motel 6.
The effort, which includes nine television commercials and 20 radio spots, is backed by a $14 million budget. The TV ads will air on a mix of national network and cable programming throughout the year. Radio will run in Motel 6 markets around the country.
All of the ads feature voiceovers from longtime Motel 6 pitchman Tom Bodett and continue the tagline, “We’ll leave the light on for you.”
Five 10-second spots feature photographs of renovated rooms in various cities. Bodett is in the photos, but his face is hidden by objects, like a cowboy hat in the Dallas spot and a surfboard in the Los Angeles ad.
Richards account director Dale Hruby said the commercials poke fun at the fact that while Bodett’s voice is well-known by people who have heard his Motel 6 radio ads for 12 years, few know what he actually looks like.
One of four 15-second television ads juxtaposes a baby picture of Bodett with a photo of a renovated room. The lips on the photo move as Bodett observes, “This is what I looked like when I was new. And this is a new room at Motel 6.” The screen then flashes between the two images as Bodett adds, “Cute, huh?”
The commercials conclude on an art card that notes, “Over 55,000 rooms renovated nationwide.” Hruby said the chain’s $600 million renovation of its 81,000 rooms should be completed this year.