Moroch’s ‘M’ Is for Hire

With a voice assist from the TV Batman, Adam West, Moroch & Associates has introduced a new McDonald’s regional television character it hopes will catch on with franchise operators across the country.
“Agent M,” a buffoon in the the tradition of Cartoon Network’s Johnny Bravo, is a secret operative investigating McDonald’s “Time for 2” value meals. The Dallas shop’s 30-second spot featuring Agent M and his car-driving sidekick cat (called “Sidecat”) debuts today in the Atlanta market.
“We have plans to go to whichever markets will want to take it,” said Moroch vice president and creative director Dave Longfield.
In the TV commercial, Agent M and Sidecat are cruising in a convertible with the McDonald’s logo. Agent M tells Atlanta viewers through West’s over-the-top delivery that he’s on a mission to “investigate everyday values at McDonald’s. Specifically, the phenomenon known as ‘Time for 2.’ “
The character then presses a button to bring up a monitor to explain the two for $2 value meals, but mistakenly activates a favorite device of spy-thrillers: a seat ejector. While Agent M is hurtled into the stratosphere, Sidecat pushes the correct button, leading into the product pitch narrated by Newsradio actress Khandi Alexander.
Longfield said Agent M’s continuing misadventures will include spots where the bumbling investigator is attacked by a “wild woodpecker” and “angry squirrels.”
Moroch handles approximately 15 McDonald’s co-ops in the Southwest, Southeast and on the West Coast.