More Work for DH&P

Dieste Harmel & Partners has won additional Pfizer advertising aimed at the U.S. Hispanic market, sources said.

The Dallas agency will now handle Pfizer’s corporate ads targeting Latinos, a business that is estimated at $7 million, sources said.

DH&P quietly picked up Hispanic work for Pfizer’s Lipitor in a review last December.

Pfizer’s desire to reach out to Hispanics is not new. Two years ago it created a national Hispanic advisory board made up of Latino health and media professionals.

Yet, while Pfizer spent $796 million on general-market ads last year, per CMR, it spent only $10-15 million on Hispanic media, according to Nielsen Monitor Plus.

Pharmaceuticals remains among the top categories lagging in Hispanic advertising. One reason: Many first- and second-generation Latino Americans do not embrace the idea of healthcare until it may be too late.

“Many Hispanics, especially Mexican Americans, are hesitant to seek medical assistance when they’re healthy,” said Rad Tollette, an account planner at SWG&M. The Aus-tin, Texas, shop is creating ads for the Texas chapter of the American Heart Association aimed at Hispanic women.

Rafael Iglesias, president of IDHispanic in Miami, said drug companies are understanding the need to reach out to the segment. “It’s been an educational process,” he said, “I think in the next few years we’ll see a big influx of these companies getting into the market.”

DH&P contended for the corporate work with Vidal Partnership of New York and undisclosed shops.

Officials of the agency and New York-based Pfizer could not be reached for comment.