More of Kellogg, Less of Wrangler at Martin

Virginians Get Lender’s Project, Release Jeans’ Creative Reins
ATLANTA–The Martin Agency, which made the Kellogg shop roster late last year and has since launched a “K-Sentials” cereal initiative, has gained more work from the company.
A Kellogg official confirmed last week that the Richmond, Va.-based agency had been selected to work on a project for Lender’s bagels.
Bernardo Rocha, director of marketing for Lender’s, stressed that Martin’s assignment would have no immediate effect on the brand’s lead agency, J. Walter Thompson in Chicago. Advertising expenditures for the brand, according to Competitive Media Reporting, amounted to $11 million last year, a 19 percent decrease from 1997.
Rocha said that the remainder of this year would be spent in the “exploratory phase.” If the project moves forward, consumers will not see the results until sometime next year.
Agency chairman and chief executive officer John Adams said Lend-er’s officials became acquainted with Martin when the shop was pitching Kellogg last fall.
Separately, the Virginia agency announced last week it had agreed to step away from its Wrangler client of the last 10 years over differences in the creative direction of the brand. Martin, for now, remains as the jeans maker’s media agency. It also will continue work for two other brands from VF Corp., parent company of Wrangler.
Wrangler officials said they are considering all options, as the company markets several different lines to various audiences. It is possible that each brand will have its own creative agency, though having one shop handle all brands is also on the table. The future of the media account must also be decided.
“We found ourselves going in different directions,” said Martin president and creative director Mike Hughes. “We think now is a good time for us to go our different ways. It breaks my heart.”
Wrangler marketing officials Brian Goldberg and Mark Clift said they have a list of shops they are considering, but as of last Thursday had not contacted any of them. They want to settle their creative situation by the third quarter of this year.