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Acquires Ion Storm, Crystal Dynamics Creative Chores Via Eidos
SAN FRANCISCO–Winkler Ad-vertising here has nearly doubled the size of its billings with longtime client Eidos Interactive by adding two new pieces of business through the video game publisher.
The agency’s account with Eidos Interactive and two of its related companies is estimated to be worth at least $15-20 million.
Without an account review, Eidos Interactive awarded Winkler Advertising creative duties for Ion Storm, a Dallas-based video game developer, and Crystal Dynamics, another game supplier in Menlo Park, Calif. San Francisco-based Eidos recently acquired Crystal Dynamics. The company also recently secured a 10-year exclusive publishing agreement with Ion Storm.
The Ion Storm deal provides Eidos Interactive with access to the creative talents of John Romero, who is known in the digital gaming community as the developer of two of the biggest selling PC titles, Doom and Quake. Romero is now working on a game called Dai-katana for Ion Storm, which is scheduled for general release late this fall.
Winkler Advertising is preparing a print campaign for that title’s launch for the holidays.
“We are only working for Ion Storm on a project basis right now,” said John Elder, director of client services at Winkler Advertising. “The Richards Group in Dallas was doing the advertising before Ion Storm and Eidos entered into their publishing agreement, so we haven’t been told officially yet that we’re on board full time. But we’re hoping we’ll be rewarded later on for doing a good job.”
Elder said a print advertising campaign for Daikatana is scheduled to appear “primarily in gaming magazines, but with a few surprises” in December publications.
Print and television advertising is also in the works for Crystal Dynamics’ new game titles, Legacy of Kain and GEX. The work is scheduled to break before the end of the year, according to Pat Marcoccia, the agency’s creative director.
“These titles have been very popularin the past with so-called ‘hard-core gamers,’ but Eidos is looking to market Crystal Dynamics’ games to a more mainstream consumer audience,” said Marcoccia.
Elder also said that San Francisco-based Winkler is close to completing production on national television and print campaigns for two new Eidos Interactive games, Tomb Raider 3 and Ninja.