More Fans ‘Checking In’ to TV Series

TV fans have been “checking in” to their favorite series — i.e., alerting their Facebook friends what shows they are watching at a given moment — at the rate of 10,000 check-ins per day on, according to officials.

TV check-ins are the tube’s answer to the growing trend of people checking in at restaurants and bars via applications such as Foursquare and Facebook. Several startups, including GetGlue, have been popularizing the activity with TV — which broadcast networks love, given that the practice would seem to encourage live viewing. launched its check-in features on Oct. 20 by introducing multiple “I’ll Watch” buttons leading to a flood of early responses. The site’s check-in feature is integrated with Facebook, so users that check into various shows on the site can instantly alert their friends.

According to, people have checked into 7,400 different episodes of 1,800 shows all told. The most checked-in shows to date include House, Vampire Diaries, the CMA Awards, Sons of Anarchy, Monday Night Football, The Office and Blue Bloods.

Going forward, is using the feature to automatically build personalized lists of viewers’ favorite shows, which will appear on multiple pages throughout the site.