More Agency Name Calling

If it’s good enough for Prince, it’s good enough for Romann & Tannenholz.
Like the Artist Formerly Known as , the 25-person New York shop has changed its name. The agency is now known simply as The Romann Group. (Both new and old logos are shown here.)
Why the change? It seems the shop’s former name was being twisted into such variations as “Tomann & Rannenholz,” “Flowman & Romanoff” and “Lowman & Tannenbaum.”
The confusion was giving the agency’s receptionists fits.
“I’d love to tell you that the name change represents some sort of strategic realignment for the agency,” said creative director Gad Romann, “but the truth of the matter is the phone is ringing and our staff has been complaining.”
The shop has been on a hot streak lately, winning new accounts such as Tower Air, DLJ Direct and Finlandia.
-Rob Lenihan