Monte Carlo Resort Pokes Fun at the Pretentious

NEW YORK Recognizing consumers are looking for more value for their dollars, the Monte Carlo Resort and Casino in Las Vegas puts an unconventional spin on luxury with its new ad campaign, “Unpretentiously luxurious.”
The initiative, which breaks next week, aims to create an image of luxury that doesn’t take itself too seriously.
One print ad features a platinum blonde in a glamorous silver bathing suit confidently swaying her hips, with the hotel’s pool and palm trees in the background. The words “Tray Sheek” are printed boldly in white across her flawlessly bronzed body.
The ads will break in publications including Conde Nast Traveler, Food & Wine and Travel & Leisure. Radio, online and out-of-home in Los Angeles and Chicago support. “Unpretentiously Luxurious” targets 25-60 year old males and females with a household income greater than $75,000.
“We believe this idea completely rewrites the strategy for how to sell yourself as a luxury brand,” said David Angelo Chief Creative Officer of David&Goliath. “The campaign embraces all the luxury queues that consumers are used to, the interiors and exteriors of the casino property, and juxtaposes it with very French words that have been made more approachable. The words become a conversation for consumers, and give them not only a way to look at luxury, but a way to participate in the Monte Carlo brand.”
Located along the Las Vegas Strip, Monte Carlo Resort & Casino has more than 3,000 rooms.