Kicks Off Year With New Technology

BOSTON-He spun across the screen in ads aired during the Super Bowl. Now, mascot Trumpasaurus is strutting his stuff in cyberspace in an online push for the employment site.

In an animated execution that debuted last week on the Terra Lycos network, Trump-asaurus spins out of the company’s logo, across the screen, stating “You the monster.” He then spins offscreen, leaving the tagline “Job Good. Life Good” in the upper-right hand corner.

Arnold Worldwide in Boston is lead agency for and introduced that tagline last month during NBC’s broadcast of Super Bowl XXXV.

United Virtualities in New York developed the technology behind the push, Dubbed “Shoshkeles,” which features animation or photography that works across all platforms and requires no plug-ins, according to United Virtualities CEO Debra Brown. Unlike static banner ads at the top or bottom of a page, Shoshkeles remains in the viewer’s site even when he or she scrolls around.

Yet it only stays on the page for a few seconds —an important selling point for those who do not like to be overburdened with ads and might otherwise leave the site. “It was designed for the behavior of the Internet,” Brown said.

“This provided a great way to bring him to life,” said Peter Blacklow, senior vice president of marketing at

UV developed the patent-pending Shoshkeles technology about a year ago at its Buenos Aires, Argentina research and development center. Brown joined the company in September 2000 and used her advertising background—she spent 15 years at Young & Rubicom and was president of J. Walter Thompson for two years —to pitch the technology to agencies like Arnold, which immediately thought of “Shoshkelizing” the Trumpasauraus monster. Richard Schultz