Monster “Stork”

This mini epic, the fourth of the big spots by major directors for Monster, is what I call a perfect commercial. Directed by Daniel Kleinman, of James Bond and Guinness’ “Noitulove” fame, it has the magical capacity to wring humanity and poignancy out of a CG-fueled fairy tale. It’s the story of a stork that makes his winged migration through deserts, oceans and wolf packs, to deliver the little feller to a Volvo-driving couple in the suburbs. The baby yawns, and suddenly, in one masterly cut, we see that this perfect little person, with so much promise, is working late in a dark office near the bathroom, eating take out. The stork reappears at his window, and his bearing is sad, wounded, and preternaturally knowing. I loved the spot with the guy with the big legs who keeps the world turning, but it didn’t make me sit up and rethink my entire life as a parent and a (would-be) professional. This did. Preparing the perfect onesie, snugglie, crib, carriage, etc., is one thing. But are we doing all that just to send out to the world another drone working in quiet desperation? And meanwhile, if that possibility is so painful, what are we showing our kids with our own less-than-meaningful pursuits? Deep thoughts, Monster. You got me. — Barbara Lippert