Money Matters

Arian, Lowe & Travis sees personal finance a little differently in a new print campaign for the Acorn Family of Funds.
The ads come right out and say what people secretly think: “Money changes everything.”
That point is illustrated in a series of ads, each of which features a simple graph. “Fig. L–How you furnish your home,” reads type for one graph. The y-axis runs from a single dollar sign to three. The x-axis begins with “dumpsters” and proceeds to “department stores” and “gifts from heads of state.”
Another ad, “Fig. H–Entertainment at your kid’s birthday party.” Same y-axis, with x going from “grandma getting drunk” to “puppets” to “Cirque du Soleil.” Similarly, “cocktail of choice,” runs from “nail polish remover” to “beer” to “Dom” while the range for “How people greet you on the street” starts at “shove” before proceeding to “handshake” and “faint.”
The series of ads is running in The Wall Street Journal.
“Money makes a difference, that’s why you invest,” said Meg Kannin, a creative director at ALT. “We just tried to capture that in more of a fun way.”
–Trevor Jensen