Monday Miscellany

* Thirty percent of shoppers said they “don’t really understand what organic products are”; 38 percent “don’t trust that organics ‘are truly organic.’ ” Still, 59 percent agreed that organics are “good for the environment” and 53 percent that they’re “good for you.” (WSL Strategic Retail)
* Driven by a surge in consumption of peanut butter, the “sweet spread” market is forecast to experience a sales increase of 26 percent between 2008 and 2013. (Mintel)
* Among respondents who suffered lower-back pain in the past year but didn’t have surgery, 35 percent never consulted a medical professional about it. Among those who took prescription medications for back pain, 45 percent said it helped a lot. (Consumer Reports)
* Retail new-vehicle sales are projected to have totaled 633,000 units in March, down from 1.07 million units in March 2008. The crossover-utility-vehicle segment has been gaining share of total new-vehicle sales in the past year. (J.D. Power and Associates)
* Thirty-eight percent of women and 27 percent of men favor letting same-sex couples marry; 26 percent of women and 28 percent of men favor allowing civil unions. Among the poll’s 18-45-year-olds, 41 percent favor permitting same-sex marriage and 23 percent favor civil unions. (CBS News)
* Among prescription-drug users surveyed, 30 percent reported purchasing medications online or by mail order during the past 12 months. (Deloitte)