Monday Miscellany

* Motorists who bought a new car are hanging onto it for an average of 63.9 months, up from 54.6 months in first-quarter 2008. (R.L. Polk)

* Sixty-six percent said mobile electronics “help them accomplish things that they need to do during the day.” (Ipsos Public Affairs for Duracell)

* Ninety-one percent would not continue patronizing a company if their personal data had been stolen while transacting business with it. (Cintas)

* In tracking of social-media chatter about major airlines, JetBlue was the domestic carrier with the highest proportion of strongly positive comment (42 percent) and the lowest proportion of strongly negative remarks (3 percent). (NetBase)

* Seventeen percent think free-trade agreements have helped the U.S.; 53 percent think they’ve hurt it. (NBC News/Wall Street Journal)

* The number of food items in an average meal has fallen to 3.5, from 4.4 in the 1980s. (The NPD Group)

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