Monday Miscellany

* Fifty-nine percent of men and 51 percent of women say they have accessed the Internet wirelessly using a laptop or handheld device; 80 percent of 18-29-year-olds say they have done so. (Pew Internet & American Life Project)

* Sixty-four percent say the winter is worse in their area this year than in the recent past. Still, 60 percent feel the media make the weather sound worse than it really is. (Rasmussen Reports)

* Respondents rate the “balloon boy” hoax as the “most ridiculous news story of 2009,” with the breakup of Jon and Kate Gosselin as runner-up. (Zogby International)

* Nine percent are “very worried” that they or a family member will become a victim of terrorism. Twenty-five percent say they are “somewhat worried.” (CNN/Opinion Research Corp.)

* Among respondents who had made any online purchases in the past six months, 48 percent say they’ll use the Internet for research related to fulfilling their New Year’s resolutions. Thirty-six percent expect to make online purchases related to carrying out their resolutions. (Publicis Groupe’s Performics unit)

* Thirty-eight percent say they shopped online for holiday gifts so they could buy for multiple people in one place. (Allen & Gerritsen)