Monday Miscellany

* Sixty-four percent believe foreign foods are sometimes or often unsafe; 58 percent worry about “bacterial contamination of the food supply.” (Hart Research/Public Opinion Strategies)

* Sixty-nine percent of a survey’s women say they look younger than they are, and 58 percent feel younger. (Cooking Light)

* Among respondents classified as having “severe” economic anxiety, a predictably large number — 32 percent — say they prefer private-label goods to independent national brands. Less predictably, this preference is shared by more than one-fifth of those who exhibit “low” economic anxiety (23 percent) or “none” (21 percent). (Yankelovich Monitor Minute)

* Four percent of respondents plan to spend more on holiday gifts this year than last year, vs. 40 percent planning to spend less. (BIGresearch)

* Among those age 18-29, 55 percent think a higher education today is worth its high price, while 35 percent don’t and 10 percent are not sure. Among respondents in that age bracket who have a college degree, 62 percent believe that it is worth its costs. (Zogby-Scoop44)