Mom and Sis Do Drugs Together

Turkel Employs Shocking Images in Spot for Miami Coalition
ATLANTA–A mother teaching her daughter how to “cook” crack cocaine is the shocking revelation in a new TV spot produced for the Partnership for a Drug Free America/Miami Coalition by Turkel Schwartz & Partners.
The idea to illicitly team a parent and a child came to the shop after reviewing research provided by the client, said Bruce Turkel, partner and creative director of the Miami agency.
“Most of the kids they surveyed said a major factor in staying away from drugs would be parental disapproval, while [about half that number] said they didn’t think their parents cared,” said Turkel.
Another factor, he added, was that many parents of this generation came of age at a time when experimenting with drugs was more prevalent. Those parents may also be reluctant to admit their drug use, or think it is a natural part of growing up.
“What we’re telling parents [with this spot] is, ‘It’s you, baby,’ ” Turkel said. “Even kids who are rebelling are influenced by their parents.”
The spot opens with a mother and daughter working together in a kitchen. At first, viewers cannot see what is being prepared as the young girl asks if she is doing something right. Toward the end of the ad, she is cutting something into smaller pieces. What they have been preparing is crack cocaine. The final frame shows the girl putting a crack pipe to her lips as her mother lights it.
The message is that parents who are not talking to their children about the dangers of drugs may as well be helping them do drugs.
“The whole idea of going into the spot that way is to make everything look hunky-dory, then punch you in the stomach,” said Turkel.
The television commercial is airing in South Florida, along with a specially edited Hispanic version. It may get some national airplay, agency officials said.
Creative credits include Turkel and Kirk Kaplan as creative directors, art director David Garcia, director Randy Shreve, producer Carol Innis and broadcast producer Tina Khoury.