Mohegan Sun Gambles on Glamor

Mintz & Hoke’s latest TV effort for Mohegan Sun Casino portray patrons of the Connecticut gambling facility as stylish and its surroundings as elegant.
The goal is to “really suck people in and somehow convey the excitement of the place,” said Chris Knopf, president and creative director of the Avon, Conn., shop.
Mintz & Hoke partnered with Sonalyst Studios in Waterford, Conn., to create the commercials, which promote the glitz and glamor of the Uncasville, Conn., casino.
“When you go to a casino, it takes you to another place,” Knopf said. “A good casino does it in a whole way; the games are important, of course, but it’s the overall experience that matters while you’re there.”
Ads are airing throughout New England and New York and will be supported by a print component, slated to break soon.
One 30-second spot, dubbed “Winning,” shows a couple emerging from a limousine and strolling into the casino, where they join an elegantly clad group at a blackjack table. A voiceover concludes: “The Mohegan Sun. Nothing even comes close.”
Another spot, “Details,” displays a montage of casino images from a pile of quarters to a polished game wheel to a smiling chef. “To make a big impression, it helps to remember that the little things really aren’t so little,” the voiceover explains. “Experience the difference of the Mohegan Sun way.”
Ads target a broad range of people, from regular casino-goers to those who wouldn’t think about gambling but might be swayed by the allure of the advertising.
Spending levels were not disclosed. The casino shelled out more than $5.5 million on advertising in 1998, according to Competitive Media Reporting. Mintz & Hoke has worked for Mohegan Sun since 1996.
“The biggest thing overall is to try and communicate a certain mystery about the experience,” said Keith Daily, executive producer for Sonalyst. Added Knopf: “Mohegan is a unique environment; it’s different, and we really want people to give it a try.”
Once people check it out, they’re hooked.”