Mohawk “Frozen Moment”

Frozen moments have been used to capture everything from the swing of khakis and Michael Jordan’s gravity-defying moves to the topsy-turvy toss of an earthquake and the stunning picture quality of a TV. Now we’re treated to a slow-mo close-up of messy spills. A new Mohawk carpets spot from Cramer-Krasselt uses the eye-catching effect to showcase the brand’s stain-fighting abilities. The spot begins with dad slipping on a skateboard in the kitchen, an accident that sets off a chain reaction of food and beverages flying everywhere. The spot moves through the living room, where the majestic mess includes flying chips and waterfalls of guacamole and salsa. Mom  steps in to clean up, as the voiceover fills viewers in on the details of her Mohawk-provided worry-free situation. While this visual trick has been used many times since the late 90s when it first wowed TV viewers and there certainly have been more exciting executions (most dramatically in Philips’ Grand Prix-winning “Carousel”)  there is still something compelling about stepping into a motionless scene of all that commotion, even if it is for a product as mundane as carpeting.—Eleftheria Parpis