Modernista! Tapped by Lifescape Solutions

BOSTON Modernista! has been hired for marketing chores by Lifescape Solutions, a provider of digital photography software.

The independent agency will create a brand positioning, packaging and online creative for Boston-based Lifescape’s new product, Picasa, an automated photo organizer. Spending was not disclosed.

“We’re entrepreneurs at heart,” said Ed Chao, client COO and former head of digital printing at Polaroid, “and we think that spirit is reflected in the way Modernista! is approaching our business.”

The Boston shop has been “actively looking for opportunities that will allow us to work across [numerous marketing] services,” said Clift Jones, agency president. “Our work with Lifescape will take advantage of our strategic, interactive, design and creative services.”

The Modernista! client roster also includes General Motor’s Hummer, Veryfine and Converse.