M&M’s Rehearse Red Carpet Etiquette

NEW YORK Masterfoods isn’t advertising on the Academy Awards telecast this Sunday, but the candy maker is running a series of 15-second Oscar-themed spots on the TV Guide Channel before the show.

Created by Omnicom Group’s BBDO in New York, four spots feature the M&M’s characters Red and Yellow on a red carpet, with the former giving “Red’s Red Carpet Tips.”

In the roster shop’s first spot, Red says: “There’s no such thing as too much collagen,” as a swollen-lipped Yellow appears, asking Red to feel his lips. When Red touches one, Yellow’s lips deflate and he zooms toward the camera and sticks to the lens.

“Always be seen with an entourage,” Red says in the second spot. “Where’s your entourage?” he asks Yellow, who then pours out a bag of M&M’s onto the red carpet. A stunned Red motions for Yellow to leave and when he does, the pile of M&M’s follows.

In the third ad, Yellow stands alone and bewildered on the red carpet until a sauntering Red appears next to him. “Always arrive fashionably late,” Red advises.

The last spot has Red giving instructions on proper red-carpet poses. “Know your poses,” Red says as Yellow gets ready to demonstrate. “The shoot and link, the kissy-face, the over-the-shoulder, the slimmer, the press hog.” Yellow, who has frozen in “the slimmer” pose, confesses, “I’m stuck.” Without missing a beat, Red continues, “The statue, the mannequin … ”

Three other spots will run on the channel as well.

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