in Fine Mid-Season Form

Sports sites, like news and weather sites, are very much dependent on offline events., for instance, saw its numbers double around the time of racing legend Dale Earnhardt’s death.

The same dynamic holds true this week for, the official site of Major League Baseball, which on Tuesday will hold its annual mid-season All-Star game. According to Nielsen NetRatings, more than 1.2 million visitors went to for the week ending July 1, mostly to cast votes for their favorite players. The tally represents a rise of 53 percent compared to the first week of online voting back in May.

Voting privileges for baseball fans, like those guaranteed in the Constitution, are free–unlike’s streaming play-by-play audio service, which costs $9.95 a season.

Data Points

–Last year’s All-Star voting ritual drew a little more than a half million visitors to baseball’s official site during the final week of voting. That number has more than doubled this year.

–Eighty-two percent of’s visitors registered to vote online during the last week of the All-Star game voting this year, and they stayed on the site an average of 11 minutes.