A Miracle Cure?

At first blush, it appears to be your standard self-help ad tackling a sensitive issue.
The copy, accompanied by a photo of a couple on a beach, begins with the headline, “Sexual dysfunction affects three out of five couples.” The ad discusses how job stress can affect a working couple’s sex life.
The answer: not Viagra. Click 3x. “Patients who use Click 3x have been able to walk into their bedrooms with confidence.” What is this fantastic cure? A visual-effects company.
Moonlighting Margeotes/Fertitta + Partners creatives Mark R. Fenske and Craig Mannion created six ads. Others feature silver-maned “Paul Van Dorpe” (shown here) and his tips on how to achieve “wealth and happiness.” The character’s name was borrowed from the business manager of Margeotes’ production department.
The nature of the audience allowed the creators to take liberties, Fenske said. “Everybody knows it’s tongue in cheek [if] they actually think this production house can solve their sexual dysfunction, that’s good, too.” –Justin Dini