Minnesota Lottery Goes Into Play

CHICAGO The Minnesota State Lottery is putting its $7 million advertising account up for mandated review, according to officials with the state department.

The St. Paul, Minn., lottery has sent letters of its intention to review 13-14 Minnesota agencies, according to Doug McDonnell, general counsel for the lottery. A request for proposals will be available on the department’s Web site on Friday, May 21, he said.

The RFPs are due back June 30, with a cut to three to five finalists by mid-July, McDonnell said. Presentations will be set for early August, with a decision by the middle of that month, he said.

Minneapolis agency The Foley Group, which has held the account since 1999, is expected to participate in the review, McDonnell said. Recent radio ads have focused on individual instant-win games and ran without a tagline.

The review comes after a state audit that determined the lottery needed a more coherent marketing plan. The lottery in February also added a new director, Mike Vekich, replacing longtime director George Anderson, who passed away.