Mindshare Clients Get Interested in Weather Co.’s Data

Kimberly-Clark and Royal Caribbean can adjust media buys based on weather patterns

Kimberly-Clark and Royal Caribbean are among the Mindshare clients that are interested in using data from The Weather Co. to adjust their media buys based on weather conditions.

Those clients and others will be able to access the media company's WeatherFX data platform via a partnership with WPP Group's Mindshare.

The partnership is non-exclusive, meaning that Weather can strike similar deals with other media agencies. Also, no money is changing hands, though Weather hopes that Mindshare will be more inclined to buy ads on its website, TV channel and mobile apps.

In a statement, Bob Ivins, Mindshare's chief data officer for North America, said that "people make a myriad of choices based on current and forecasted weather conditions—from what type of food or drink to consume [and] where to shop to planning vacations."

Ivins added that "linking TWC's current and predictive data with algorithmic research findings related to weather-related behavior allows us to shift relevant media to the right person in the moment it will resonate most."

Translation: we know when you're most likely to buy beer or least likely to go see a movie, based on where you live and the weather outside. Ah, and you thought the TV was just reading your mind.