Miller High Life Plays Populist Card Against A-B

Miller High Life, which likes to present itself as a David against the Anheuser-Busch Goliath, is again seeking to counter-program against its rival during the Super Bowl, this time, by spotlighting small businesses

A Miller ad running on some local affiliates during the game will feature Del’s Barber Shop in Escondido, Calif., Tim’s Baseball Card Shop in Chicago, Ill., Loretta’s Authentic Pralines in New Orleans, La., Bizarre Guitar & Drum in Phoenix, Ariz., as well as comedian Windell D. Middlebrooks, who starred in one-second ads for the brand during last year’s Super Bowl.

While those ads featured Middlebrooks shouting out phrases like “champagne of beers” and “pigskin gravy” during those brief intervals, the new 30-second spot pokes fun at the unnamed A-B. In a teaser ad, Middlebrooks is driving around with another employee disparaging “those big muckety-muck” beer brands that “prance out those fancy-pants commercials.” In contrast, Miller High Life plans to use its media time to spotlight small businesses that need the attention. In the ad, the two stop to ask Dan Engelbrecht, the owner of Del’s, if he wants to be in the ad. Engelbrecht says he’s open to it, but not on a weekday. “We’ll work around your schedule,” Middlebrooks replies. Saatchi & Saatchi, New York, handles.