Mideast Mission For Texas Pol

Bob Allyn of Allyn & Co. in Austin, Texas, makes part of his living through public affairs consulting in the rough landscape of Texas politics.
This week, however, Allyn will devote his time and efforts to perhaps make a difference where the terrain is much more difficult. He is scheduled to participate in a mission to share free enterprise marketing and communication skill sets with Palestinian leaders of the West Bank in Israel.
The mission, organized by an unofficially Republican-aligned organization, will allow Allyn to talk with leading individuals involved in health and social welfare advocacy issues and legislative research.
“As the region works toward peace, open communication will become an increasingly valuable asset,” said Allyn. “To get along, people must understand one another.
“Issues like healthcare and legislative policy are important to peace and prosperity on the West Bank, and I’m glad to play any bit part in helping the process.”
-Glen Fest