Not since Adam Sandler crooned “Lunch Lady Land” has a cafeteria crew received so much attention.

Makos Advertising sheds light on those who keep Texas students fed in a new television campaign for the Texas Department of Human Services’ federally funded Summer Food Service Program.

The commercial, shot in English and Spanish, centers on a boy who races around a playground as if it were Daytona, the sounds of footsteps replaced by a revving race-car engine.

As the boy screeches to a halt, a “pit crew” encircles him, doling out sandwiches and water.

Following the successful pit stop, crew members high-five, take off their caps and unzip their jumpsuits to reveal hair nets and cafeteria uniforms underneath.

The campaign will run statewide throughout May and June. Four bilingual radio spots support.

The goal of the Austin, Texas, shop’s campaign is to entice more students to participate in the lunch program during the summer months.

Inferno Films of Austin shot the pro-bono spots.