Microsoft Breaks Branding Work

Microsoft this week breaks its latest corporate branding work from McCann-Erickson, a five-spot campaign under the tagline, “Your potential. Our passion.”

The ads, breaking now on major networks and cable, continue to show everyday people who benefit from Microsoft software. They follow recent print work for Windows XP Tablet PC Edition software. Microsoft spends roughly $350 million annually on advertising; spending on individual efforts is not disclosed.

The first spot opens with a mother in a kitchen, her daughter playing in the background. A drawing of a cape suddenly appears over the mother’s back. The ad then shows a man who is the “teacher of the year”; a cap that reads “Number 1 teacher” is then superimposed on his head.

A voiceover says Microsoft is “in awe of your potential” and helps people realize their goals and dreams.

Another spot shows doctor and firefighting gear superimposed over kids in a classroom.

The message is meant to tie into Microsoft’s work for Xbox, Agility and other products. “We are putting the brand roof on top of the house [and giving] a deeper understanding of our vision and how the software helps businesses and individuals,” said Michael Mc Laren, director of client services at McCann, San Francisco.

“It demonstrates that you have the potential to do anything you want and Microsoft provides the software that helps people make it,” said Mike Delman, general manager of advertising at Microsoft in Redmond, Wash.