Michael Phelps Set for Subway TV Ad Debut

BOSTON Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps makes his Subway TV ad debut — joined by the chain’s longtime pitchman Jared Fogle — in a new commercial slated to break during prime-time programming July 5. MMB, an independent shop in Boston, crafted the spot.

That ad, titled “Be Yourself,” is designed to play up how easy it is to personalize sandwiches at Subway and provides a humorous contrast between the lifestyles of its two stars, the client said.

Phelps lost his Kellogg’s endorsement deal in the wake of the furor following the publication of an embarrassing photo of the star taking a bong hit at a party.
“Michael Phelps is one of the world’s most famous fans of Subway and the new television commercial demonstrates how everyone from world champions to everyday people can have their sandwiches made to their specific tastes at over 30,000 Subway locations across the globe,” said Tony Pace, client CMO, in a statement.

The Milford, Conn.-based chain has routinely spent in excess of $250 million annually on traditional domestic advertising, per Nielsen.