MF+P Launches Childhood Disease Campaign

NEW YORK A Margeotes Fertitta + Partners pro bono campaign launches next week for the Jeffrey Modell Foundation, which promotes awareness of Primary Immunodeficiency, a genetic disorder that afflicts children and adolescents.

The New York shop’s campaign revolves around the subject of parents confronting the possible meanings of recurring illness in their children. It contains two 30-second TV commercials, 60- and 30-second radio spots and one print execution, all of which dramatize the potential warning signs that a child might have PI.

The first TV spot, “Seasons,” depicts a mother checking her son’s feverish head in exactly the same way over and over as their clothing changes throughout the four seasons. The second spot, “Phone,” has a mother explaining to her daughter’s ballet teacher that she will not be able to make it to class on a particular day. Just before she hangs up, the video rewinds repeatedly, illustrating the pattern that PI follows.

In each spot, a voiceover says, “If your child gets sick with the usual illnesses an unusual number of times, it could be PI.”

MF+P worked in conjunction with the Ad Council on the Jeffrey Modell Foundation ads. The parents of Jeffrey Modell, who was diagnosed with PI and died at age 15, started the foundation.