Mercury Rising

Radio commercial producer Bert Berdis can now add “Mercury grand award winner” to his rƒsumƒ.
No, he didn’t win the Radio Creative Fund’s coveted $100,000 Radio Mercury Award. Rather, his Los Angeles-based Bert Berdis & Co. picked up a prize of the same name from MerComm Inc.
How did a radio production company with national clients including Wendy’s, Michelob and Diet Pepsi wind up winning a PR award?
Last year, on a whim, Berdis submitted his company’s self-promotion package to MerComm. The slick, noirish kit, which included a brochure (shown here), client list, business card and CD sample of the company’s commercials, was titled “Radio Confidential,” a takeoff on the 1997 film L.A. Confidential.
Berdis picked up his plaque for best writing last month at a gala event in New York.
Now if only he could land that other Mercury.
–Angela Dawson