Modernista!’s pro-bono push for Hull Seaside Animal Rescue employs a tongue-in-cheek approach to help raise awareness and dollars for the nonprofit organization.

Several ads picture cats on wanted-type posters, along with their vital statistics. One shows Oreo, a 3-year-old who has fathered 97 offspring and likes to dig holes. Another execution combines a photograph of a plump rabbit and the headline, “What’s up with all the cats?”

The shelter in Hull, Mass., provides nonlethal control of feral cats. HSAR helps to curb the growth of this population by trapping, neutering and vaccinating. Hull has an estimated 500 feral cats roaming its streets.

“With any public-service message, you don’t want to hammer people over the head with sad statistics,” said Leslie Repetto, account supervisor at the Boston agency. “[The ads] seem to resonate because they provide humor and still highlight a serious problem.”

The executions are appearing in local newspapers.