Meet Torre Lazur McCann’s Mr. Mucus

NEW YORK To the line of cultural icons such as Mr. Clean, Mr. Magoo and Mr. Ed now comes Mr. Mucus, a large, green, slimy animated character that will star in a $22 million campaign from pharmaceutical company Adams Respiratory Therapeutics for Mucinex, an immediate- and extended-release expectorant.

The effort, via Torre Lazur McCann Healthcare Worldwide, Parsippany, N.J., will include TV, radio, print and Internet [Adweek, Oct. 22]. TV will break this week on shows such as CSI, The Apprentice 2 and Desperate Housewives. Tagline: “Mucinex in, mucus out.”

TV spots show the Mr. Mucus character settling into the respiratory passageways of cold and flu sufferers and making himself at home. But he faces a challenge from Mucinex, as sufferers can kick Mr. Mucus out of his recliner and out of their system, per the company.

“Mr. Mucus allows us to emphasize the unpleasantness of the condition in a way that is easy to talk about,” Robert Casale, vice president of business development and consumer marketing at Adams Respiratory Therapeutics, Chester, N.J., said in a statement. “He represents the worst kind of uninvited houseguest—one who doesn’t want to leave. Americans may not like him, but they certainly know him.”

—Brandweek staff report