Meet the ‘Gerber Generation’

Gerber has something fresh on its plate: A new campaign launching tomorrow (Friday), dubbed “The Gerber Generation.”

The effort, via Draftfcb New York, will “celebrate a healthier generation of babies” and will debut on the Live! With Regis and Kelly talk show, per the company. The campaign kicks off with a spot called “United Babies.”

This is the first time all of Gerber’s products will be showcased in an ad. “When people think of Gerber, they think of baby food. But this is the first time Gerber is coming out with one single campaign for all their offerings,” said Lesley McDonald, Draftfcb’s svp, group management. Draftfcb, which is Gerber’s lead agency, previously created two other campaigns for the Nestle brand: “Anything for Baby” (baby food, as the name implies); and “Wobbly World” (Gerber Graduates for toddlers).

“United Babies” shows a montage of stop-action photography featuring children of different ethnicities who grow up as the spot progresses—from babies to preschoolers. The voiceover says in the background: “Say hello to the Gerber generation. They have some big news to share. The nutrition children get in the first five years can affect their health forever. Think about that. Together we can create a healthier generation, and it all starts with you.”

The creative, McDonald said, is meant to represent a new generation of children of different backgrounds and ages. “It’s really them speaking to us and letting us know that their future health matters,” she added.

The spot will run exclusively on Live! With Regis and Kelly in January and February, with expansion to other networks planned after that. Gerber is also sponsoring the “Beautiful Baby Contest” on the show; winners will be announced in early March.

In addition to the TV spot, Gerber is breaking a print ad called “Dreaming of a Healthier World,” which focuses on the brand’s stage-based nutrition system for moms. The ad—the first in a series of at least five more—will run in February and March issues of Parents, Parenting, Scholastic and BabyTalk.

A fully integrated effort, including TV, print, and outdoor, will debut in late March. It will encompass three more TV spots that promote three different Gerber products, and will run on national cable and syndication. Print ads will span 17 pre-natal, infant and toddler publications, such as American Baby, Scholastic and Parenting.