‘Media Meshing’ Comes Easy to Hispanics

NEW YORK Roughly 80 percent of U.S. Hispanics are said to be broadband users, according to a quantitative survey by Experian Simmons Research, conducted from November to December 2006 for Yahoo! and Telemundo.

The study also concluded that Latinos consume and adopt media and technology at a higher rate than the general population.

Of the 2,636 respondents, half were foreign born; 36 percent were Spanish dominant; 52 percent were English dominant; and 11 percent of the survey takers said they were bilingual.

Connections to culture, community, friends and family play pivotal roles in the findings. First-person video testimonials added emotional observations to illustrate the data-heavy presentation for marketers still somewhat new to the Hispanic marketplace or finding new ways to engage Latinos in the digital space.

Multichannel opportunities abound to tap online Hispanics, who are enthusiastic adopters of video streaming and mobile usage, said Adam Chandler, director of U.S. sales for the Yahoo!-Telemundo partnership. “Online video [advertising] is a good opportunity for marketers who supply it,” he added.

Media and technology are not strange bedfellows, according to the research. Hispanic adults are engaged in 51 hours of daily activities, broken down by: technology (14 hours: landline calls, cell phones, online use, MPR players); media (13.5 hours: Internet, reading, watching TV, listening to radio); everyday essentials (15 hours: traveling to work/school, errands, cleaning); and time spent with family and friends (8.4 hours).

Spanish-dominant respondents stated that they consume two-thirds of their online content in English due to the lack of Spanish-language options, a departure from other forms of media they typically consume in their native tongue, such as TV and radio.

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