McKinney TV Accents Audi’s U.S. Comeback

Audi of America has seeded the November launch of its fall TV campaign with the release of two spots: one drives home the universal popularity of its all-wheel drive Quattro and the other unveils the new A6 midsize luxury model. The latter will be officially unveiled in November.
Audi’s U.S. agency, McKinney & Silver in Raleigh, N.C., created the six commercials, two of which broke last week. The remaining four spots and an extensive print series will follow in November.
The automaker is in the midst of an American resurgence that began three years ago. “McKinney came in on the ground floor” of the comeback, according to Audi director of marketing Ken Moriarty. “M&S has played an instrumental role in helping us tell the American public what these cars are about, who our audience is and how they are going to respond.”
The Auburn Hills, Mich.-based client will spend an estimated $20-$25 million on the 1998 effort. Audi’s emphasis on all-wheel drive in the last three years has played a key role in the brand’s repositioning, Moriarty said. The “Tracks” spot, shot in the Yukon, features an elderly Inuet coaching his grandson in the ancient ways of tracking caribou and bear. Finally, he comes upon car tracks. He picks up a bit of snow with a pincer grip, caresses it and smells it, then exclaims, “Quattro.”
The A6 spot is more philosophical in tone, discussing the fact that the model cannot be compared to other cars like “apples to apples” because “the A6 is not an apple.” The car then screams through an orchard to a chorus of thudding apples.
The Quattro spot is running in eight key markets; more locales will be added in October. The A6 ad has been introduced in 27 spot markets and on national cable networks.