McD’s Unveils ‘Smile’

The first pool of spots in McDonald’s long-awaited “We love to see you smile” campaign includes two 60-second takes, one for TV and a second for movie theaters.
The seven spots include four from lead McDonald’s agency DDB Chicago, two spots from African-American shop Burrell Communications in Chicago and one from Hispanic agen-cy del Rivero Messianu in Coral Gables, Fla.
The campaign also includes radio and print ads, which will run in about a half-dozen titles such as People, said Don Hoffman, executive vice president and executive account director for McDonald’s at DDB. The use of print for branding work is a change of course from recent years, but Hoffman said it would not affect the client’s TV schedule.
DDB’s work, created under departing executive creative director Michael Sheehan, focuses on service initiatives undertaken by McDonald’s, such as the Made For You system, which is featured in several spots in-cluding the 60-second cinema spot, “Big date.” A spot directed by Tony Kaye highlights a new computerized drive-through order system.
The commercials will roll out as these service offerings are deemed ready to go, Hoffman said. “We were very cautious in developing the campaign as to not overpromise,” Hoffman said.
The tagline is sung to a jingle from Wiebe Music in Chicago, while teen-age vocal talent, some playing McDonald’s employees, provided voiceovers. Commercials began airing late last week. K