McD’s Finds Its Groove

NEW YORK “I’m into nuggets, y’all!” Yeah, that’s just what the world needs: another pair of clueless white rapper dudes. Except that this McDonald’s spot for Chicken McNuggets not only works, but also manages to be delightful and hilarious at the same time. That’s because these guys know they are bad: they’re joking around, and not trying to compose an actual rap song about a 5-year-old’s favorite Value Meal. Still, in so doing, the beat boxing has its moments, and some of the lines are inventive: I never knew that “ketchup and mayo” said together could achieve such mystical rhythm. This spot opens with the line “actual user-generated video,” as if that’s an amazing accomplishment. Then again, “fake user-generated video” would be much worse. (Although FUGV looks as if it is already a developing, if alarming, trendlet.) In this case, the Arnold creative director found the footage on YouTube, tracked down its creators and negotiated usage rights. On YouTube alone, it’s had about 50,000 hits. Now it’s slowly being picked up for TV airtime by franchisees across the country. So I’d say the spot is about as organic as you can get for something extolling extruded chicken parts. Way to mug, y’all.