McDonald’s Tests Internet Browser Ads

NEW YORK McDonald’s said it would experiment with technology that transforms a user’s Internet browser when visiting certain Web sites.

Beginning last week, visitors to had their Internet browsers altered to a McDonald’s-branded browser that markets the fast-food chain’s new fruit and walnut salad, which it introduced in early May. Users will retain all normal browser capabilities, while also having a McDonald’s ad and link to an interactive game of catching fruit in a bowl. The Web browser returns to its regular appearance after leaving the site.

McDonald’s joins other advertisers such as Audi, Nintendo and Nokia in trying out the browser advertising technology, made by United Virtualities of Buenos Aires, Argentina., and have tried the technology, called Ooqa-Ooqa, which works only with Internet Explorer browsers.

ImagineThat, an interactive agency in Warrenville, Ill., created the McDonald’s campaign.