McDonald’s Makes Excuses for Breakfast

DALLAS In an integrated campaign created by Moroch Partners, McDonald’s gives its “morning-impaired” customers an excuse to stop by for breakfast en route to work.

The campaign includes a commercial in English and a Spanish spot from Moroch Latino. Other elements include bilingual outdoor ads, point-of-purchase materials and Internet banner ads, radio, a Web site ( and street-team activations with samples of the chain’s Premium Roast Coffee, the agency said.

The English-language commercial shows people awaking to an alarm clock that pursues them as they rush to get to work. In the Spanish-language spot, people slide from their bed, still asleep and glide horizontally toward McDonald’s, where they emerge standing up with a cup of coffee in their hands.

The Web site provides a device called “Excuse Generator 3000” that will create a letter to the user’s boss explaining why the user was late to work. Possible scenarios include “traffic drama” or “alien abduction.” The idea is that the excuse allows the user to stop at McDonald’s for breakfast. According to Moroch’s research, young adults skip breakfast 25 percent of the time and 35 percent of Latinos do not eat breakfast daily. The user can choose the excuse to come from the “Doctor,” “Mechanic,” “Alien” or “Special Agent.”

At the Web site, consumers also can choose “Gimme the Food,” which directs the customer to a McDonald’s menu, and visit the “McMornings Club,” where users enroll to receive updates on menu items via e-mail. The venue’s restaurant locator helps the “morning impaired” find their way to breakfast at their closest McDonald’s location.

“We are continually finding new ways to capture and engage consumers in their everyday lives while inviting them to spend some extra time with the McDonald’s brand,” said Rob Boswell, president and COO of Moroch.

Moroch is a Dallas-based independent agency. The value of the campaign was not disclosed.